Restaurant for Lease - Clinton Lake Marina

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Mark Killough, DCDC


Fun in the Sun at Clinton Lake by Local Photographer, Nature's Peace, Images by Patrice

Clinton Sailboat Assoc.

Woods by Nature's Peace

Sunset by Nature's Peace

Clinton Lake
located in central DeWitt County approximately midway between the county’s two larger communities of Clinton and Farmer City. Residents and visitors alike enjoy the 130 miles of Clinton Lake shoreline, the rivers and creeks that surround it, and the many ecosystems within them. The livability and economic vitality of the towns, along with the historical treasures and cultural amenities, are highly valued. DCDC has been charged with the responsibility of bringing solutions for development of property at Clinton Lake to attract tourism revenue and enhance the Quality of Life for residents.  DCDC, with assistance from Market & Feasibility Advisors (MFA,) is seeking a developer to undertake an 80-acre resort and cabins along the Lake across the bay from the Clinton Lake Marina; a Developer who can capitalize on the unique characteristics of the site to create a distinctive and successful project that will be well received by the marketplace and provide important benefits for the County. 

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