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Beyond traditional sources of financing, DeWitt County has several several unconventional options.  Both the City of Clinton and DCDC have RLF lending programs.  Each program has its own set of specific criteria.

DeWitt Savings Bank
302 West Main, Clinton, IL 61727    217-935-9470 • www.dewittsb.com
Heartland Bank 
333 South Main St., Farmer City, IL 61842    309-928-2161 • www.hbtbank.com
First Mid-Illinois Bank & Trust
490 Maple Street, Weldon, IL 61882    217-736-2294 • www.firstmid.com
First National Bank & Trust
2 Kelli Court, Clinton, IL 61727    217-935-2148 • www.fnbclinton.com​
State Bank of Lincoln 
301 South Side Square, Clinton, IL 61727    217-935-3144 • www.sblincoln.com

Financial ​Incentives for Business

Financial Institutions


Facade Grant

TIF is a tool used by municipalities to encourage development in areas where replacement or rehabilitation is desired. It effectively uses a portion of the future property tax value to finance/execute a phase(s) of a project thereby decreasing costs for the developer. TIF is available in both the City of Clinton and City of Farmer City. 

Assistance with facade renovation of buildings located within a central business district. Offered by the City of Clinton, through an application program.  

Financial incentives in DeWitt County, can provide a competitive advantage or give a new business venture the opportunity to grow without the pressure to perform immediately. Our financial services providers locally are very supportive and our community offers multiple tax incentives and grant programs.  

Tax Increment Financing