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For your support, DCDC is excited to offer the following benefits to investors:

  • $250 Donation: Person/business is publicly recognized as a partner on all DCDC communications (emails, letters, social media) and materials used at community events. Provided a direct link to DCDC members to submit ideas.
  • $500 Donation: In addition to the previous level, these donors will receive regular updates as to the fundraising progress and DCDC business development strategies and objectives via email.
  • $1000 Donation: Including all perks of previous levels, these donors may also be used to help network with outside business targets, and should be open to being a voice to these targets to showcase our community and the benefits it holds for various industries.
  • $5000 Donation: This level expands on the perks to include a DCDC Board position.  Investors at this level will directly assist in carrying out the mission of the organization.   

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Please contact the DeWitt County Development Council

p: 217-935-5271                  e: INFO@DCDC-ILLINOIS.NET 

Be A Part of the Future  - Invest in DeWitt County!

Economic development is critical for the future of DeWitt County and the region. It requires a long-term, sustained effort in cooperation with local businesses and communities to produce success.  Your involvement and financial support play a crucial role in providing the resources to carry out a variety of programs and initiatives to ensure continued growth and success of the County.

In the past DCDC has received the majority of funding from public sources.  Additional private funding is needed now to achieve the DCDC strategic goals. Your support allows us to do this effectively.  

Contributions are tax-deductible. 

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