​DCDC appreciates the support of our local business community

DeWitt County Development Council wishes to thank you for becoming a partner in enhancing our local economic climate. Your contributions will help our organization continue to provide needed resources to current businesses, and provide channels through which new and outside industries can thrive in our community.

Here are some examples of benefits available to business partners:

  • Regular email communications from DCDC to inform supporters of the latest news, projects and other DCDC-supported events.
  • An open-door policy to make suggestions, offer new project ideas and help DCDC network with potential business targets.
  • An invitation to DCDC-sponsored events such as Leader Breakfast. These gatherings provide networking opportunities and a chance to hear from industry experts to assist with business-related questions such as workforce development and business incentive programs.

Despite a short turnaround time, the DeWitt County Development Council (DCDC) made good on its mission to raise $25,000 in matching funds to complete the terms of the 2016 State Farm Bank Grant Challenge.

Representatives from DCDC met with representatives from State Farm Bank on Dec. 28, culminating in the presentation of a $25,000 check to DCDC. The three-year challenge will be reviewed at the end of 2017, and may be renewed for 2018.

The economic development organization underwent a reorganization in the early part of 2016, and learned in the spring it had qualified to take part in the grant challenge. However, it was not until the fall that all pieces were in place to begin fundraising.

“By the time we had all the documentation and guidelines in place, we really got started in October,” said Kevin Myers, president, DCDC. “I give all the credit to our supporters who stepped up and helped us meet our goal.”

Throughout the process, DCDC set out not only to raise money, but to kick-start conversations about challenges local businesses are facing. DCDC looks forward to continued talks with supporters, and the chance to network with other organizations to provide more business-related resources for DeWitt County.

DCDC aims to encourage, foster, promote, aid and stimulate economic development in DeWitt County through the retention, expansion and attraction of industrial and commercial business. The opportunity presented by State Farm Bank allows the organization to continue that mission to enhance the local economic climate.

“I cannot say enough about State Farm Bank,” Myers said. “Such a great organization that cares about local communities. DCDC truly values the relationship we have created, and we are excited to utilize their resources to foster our own economic growth. They wanted us to succeed and were rooting for us. Now that we have achieved our goal, they want to stay in touch and help us tackle many of the challenges we face.”

For more information about DCDC, or to contribute to the 2017 State Farm Challenge, contact David Torbert, DCDC fundraising coordinator at 217-853-3481 or via email, davidt@baumchevybuick.com.

2017 State Farm Bank Grant Challenge