Public Partners

DeWitt County 2017

                                               Chair, David Newberg - District C

                                          Vice-Chair, Camille Redman - District A

              Lance Reese - District A                                        Jay Wickenhauser - District C

              Cole Ritter - District A                                           Scott Nimmo - District C

              Christy Pruser - District B                                     Cris Rogers - District D  

              Randy Perring - District B                                      Melonie Tilley - District D

              Terry Ferguson - District B                                    Sue Whitted - District D


City of Clinton

Tom Edmunds – Commissioner of Accounts and Finance
Dan Ballenger – Commissioner of Public Health and Safety
Roger Cyrulik – Mayor
Nan Crang – Commissioner of Streets and Public Improvement
John Wise – Commissioner of Public Property

City of Farmer City

Scott Kelley, Mayor

Scott Testory

Willard McKinley

Erin Coffey