​​Tom Edmunds - Commissioner of Accounts and Finance
Dan Ballenger - Commissioner of Public Health and Safety
Roger Cyrulik - Mayor
Nan Crang - Commissioner of Streets and Public Improvement
John Wise - Commissioner of Public Property

​Tim Followell - City Administrator

​Partners - Public

Partners - Public

              Chair, David Newberg - District C

              Vice-Chair, Camille Redman - District A

              Lance Reese - District A                                       Jay Wickenhauser - District C

              Cole Ritter - District A                                           Scott Nimmo - District C

              Christy Pruser - District B                                     Nate Ennis - District D  

              Travis Houser - District B                                      Melonie Tilley - District D

              Terry Ferguson - District B                                    Dan Matthews - District D


Our Mission


Scott Kelley - Council Member/Acting Mayor

Scott Testory - Council Member

Willard McKinley - Council Member

Erin Coffey - Council Member

Sue McLaughlin - City Administrator

To actively engage current and potential businesses to market DeWitt County to attract commerce and encourage job growth. DCDC promotes ideas for local business expansion and workforce development, and provides direction for new and existing businesses or commerce seeking resources to enhance business operations.

​​DCDC is a valued source of information relating to projects, processes and resources that foster economic growth in commerce and workforce development in DeWitt County.