Located in the very heart of the richest, most productive farmland in the world.  Corn and soybean production in this section of Illinois is unequaled.  Here agribusiness is big business!  But there is much more to us!


DeWitt County is positioned among the five largest downstate metropolitan areas – Peoria, Champaign/Urbana, Bloomington/Normal, Decatur and Springfield, putting us at the center of entire market arena with a population totaling 1,000,000.  We are surrounded by State government, one of the largest university in the country, multi-industry and dynamic, diverse service companies…making DeWitt County an ideal location which to expand existing business or develop new business.


DeWitt County is more than where we are…it’s who we are. In DeWitt County you’ll find genuine, caring, hard-working people, who believe in community.  You’ll also find a wide variety of choices in living environments.  Outdoor recreational diversions abound, as do quality medical and educational facilities, affordable house and cultural programs.


Our core location, conscientious workforce and high standard-low cost of living…are just a few reasons why DeWitt County is centered for growth.  Check us out!

Our Mission

Welcome to DeWitt County Illinois! 


To actively engage current and potential businesses to market DeWitt County to attract commerce and encourage job growth. DCDC promotes ideas for local business expansion and workforce development, and provides direction for new and existing businesses or commerce seeking resources to enhance business operations.

DCDC is a valued source of information relating to projects, processes and resources that foster economic growth in commerce and workforce development in DeWitt County.