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DeWitt County is perfectly positioned for those entrepreneurs or established businesses for growth and opportunity. Our location provides access to numerous transportation systems and population centers to make your products and services readily available to purchase. We're near several institutions for higher learning and technical academies to provide a strong, educated workforce. And the opportunities for tourism and travel activities make this not only a great place to live, but another industry in which businesses can grow.

​​We recently spoke to many in our local community about the advantages of developing a business, enjoying the local activities, and living in DeWitt County. 

​Centered for Growth

DeWitt County is ready to provide future and current businesses located in our area with the financial support, infrastructure, workforce, and lifestyle for dynamic growth. 

Don't miss out to see what its like to be part of a growing community located in the heartland of Illinois. Contact our representatives at the DeWitt County Development Council today to begin your new adventure.

RLF Update

Due to COVID-19, restrictions for the Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) are temporarily lifted through September 30, 2020.

The RLF remains "gap funding", meaning the business owner still needs to obtain a loan from a lender and apply with DCDC to cover the difference needed.

Funds can be used for operating costs at this time (through September 30, 2020). All requirements still apply. Funds are capped at $50,000. The application can be found on the Revolving Loan Fund page. 

​Welcome to DeWitt County, Illinois...Centered for Growth

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